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Fabian J. Hoti

Head of Statistics
at EPID Research Oy

My Phd thesis
Titled "Studies in Computational Statistical Methods with Applications to Pattern Recognition and Data Analysis"
Computational statistics with applications in life sciences

- Register based pharmacoepidemiological research
- Statistical modelling of longitudinal epidemiological data.
- Gene mapping methods
- Exploratory analyses of high dimensional data sets.

List of Publications at ResearchGate

Supplementary information

Matlab implementation of the kernel density estimator (KDE) for the paper "A note on estimating the posterior density of a quantitative trait locus from a Markov chain Monte Carlo sample". Both the binned and the unbinned version in 1-d.
(See Genetic Epidemiology)

Supplementary information to the paper "Family-based clusters of cognitive test performance in familial schizophrenia "

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